For me it started 10 years. I’ve been committed to missionary work in Costa Rica since 2008. While on a  trip, I visited a small congregation worshiping in a structure put together by warped 2×4’s and an aluminum roof.  I remember thinking how fortunate and blessed our churches are back home in the states. But, it made me think how churches back home play a huge role in the community as well.  Soup kitchen’s, clothing drives, just to name a few.  Upon returning to the US, I shared with my church my desire to replace the building with something new.  As always, One Heart Church was on board.  A building that would rejuvenate faith and community one person at a time.  After faithful giving from many family and friends a church building was built in the city of Maravilla by the end of 2009.
In 2016, upon another trip, a visit was made to the house of a local church leader.  The pastor’s name was Juan Perez. This pastor invited me and my team to his house for some coffee. He was thrilled to have us. More like excited.  I remember walking into the house and noticing the dirt floors.  And the 4×8 piece of plywood covered with several warm blankets where the pastor slept. . 
Pastor Juan was not just a pastor to his church. He was a mentor to the community.  A man like him deserved better. The following year along with help from our church and other individuals, the construction of a living room, 2 bedroom, 1 bath home began. By years end, Mr. Perez was in his new home.  Floor made of cement, A mattress to lay down on and coffee for those in the community who wanted to come by and just talk.
In 2018, I made yet another trip.  On this trip we were to meet a leader of another church. The city was named Cortes City.  There we met with Pastor William Rojas. After showing us the shed where he and his congregants gathered, he told me of his desire to be a beacon of light to families in need.  He expressed his desire to help the children of the local community and how the church should lead the way.  That sounds familiar.  He related to our team that it could serve the community better if he had a “big” building to do it in.  After praying with him we encouraged him to continue his work in spite of the situation.
Back in the states, we began to strategically put together a plan to raise funds for a church building that will “be a beacon of light to families in need”.  Donations began to pour in.  God was touching my church.  He was touching people from all walks of life.  Even the un-churched.  In 2019, the church building was completed.  Plans for a ribbon-cutting ceremony was set.  
Pastor William didn’t make it to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Cancer took his life.  But, the fruits of his labor can be seen throughout the building and property.  Today, the church is thriving.  The community benefiting in many ways through community outreach.  
My final thoughts: I have decided to create a nonprofit charitable organization with the goal of reaching and helping the local community through the church.  The church is more than just 4 walls.  It is a place where ALL can come and find peace and comfort when there are times of distress and hardship.  And when the church is equipped with the right resources communities are blessed.  Join me in this new venture.
                                                                                                                             – Jesse Tirado

2009 Building Project

This church building was built over the old structure made of 2×4’s. After building it the old structure was torn down and dragged out the front door. Surrounded by a coffee bean field and coconut palm trees this church is thriving and a blessing to its community. More pictures can be found in chronological order in the photo gallery on this website.


2017 Building Project
Pastor Juan Perez standing in front of his new home. Floor made of cement, A mattress to lay down on and coffee for those who wanted to come by and just talk. To the right you can see the remnants of his old house. More pictures can be found in chronological order in the photo gallery on this website.

2019 Church Building Project.

Here is the inside of our latest project in Cortes City, CR.  The name of the church is Maranatha Church.  The old building where they gathered is next door.  It is where the children gather to have Children’s Church.  More pictures can be found in chronological order in the photo gallery on this website.

Our Next Project

We will soon be presenting the next project.  This project will be aimed at the children of Cortes City.  Join in our success.  Become a partner. Change a community.  Feel better about it.